About Us

Queenstown Consulting & Distribution

Queenstown Consulting & Distribution (QCD) is a Shanghai based sales, marketing and distribution company specializing in assisting international and foreign companies with expansion and in-market assistance and representation in China and Asia.

QCD understands the many difficulties and challenges of operating and selling in a large fragmented Chinese market where general day to day business issues encountered by foreign companies trying to ‘sell’ and operate in China from off-shore locations can be difficult, challenging and frustrating.

QCD will provide you with professional assistance across a range of sales and distribution related services and can manage and represent your best interests in-market in your absence and/or on-going on your behalf if required.

QCD provides a range of in-market services including;

• Sales & direct representation
• Agency or distributor
• Bid and tender management
• Trade shows
• Market visits
• Special projects
• Translation services
• Logistics & shipping
• Shipment checks 7 Quality Assurance
• Websites
• Sourcing
• Business structures
• Trade mark registration
• Payment and transactions
• Local deliveries & transportation (Shanghai only)

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